XPRIZE Gets Funny


Funny or Die, the Emmy-winning comedy video website founded by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, worked with XPRIZE on a short to help raise awareness about the $15M Global Learning XPRIZE. The cast included:

  • Jack McBrayer (best known for his role as "Kenneth" on NBC's 30 Rock)
  • David Walton (currently starring as "Will"in NBC's About a Boy)
  • Kulap Vilaysack (Co-host of Who Charted?)
  • Jeff Meacham (currently plays "Josh" on ABC's Black-ish)
  • Christy Meyers (from Sound of My Voice and ABC's Scandal).

It was written and directed by Alex Richanbach (We Are Young) and XPRIZE's own Emily Musil Church was an Executive Producer. The Funny or Die crew shot the video at the XPRIZE headquarters in Culver City, CA, as well as two other locations around Los Angeles.


Christy Meyers, Alex Richanbach, Jeff Meacham and David Walton on the set at XPRIZE

On April 16, 2015, Funny or Die released the short and had its world premiere at the XPRIZE "Once Around the Sun" LOOP event. Three of the actors attended the event to speak about why they got involved in the project. Walton said he was initially inspired to get involved with XPRIZE by listening to a podcast featuring XPRIZE founder and CEO Peter Diamandis. Meyers, who said she was an avid reader growing up, was moved to get involved in the Global Learning XPRIZE by the staggering number of children around the world who don't have access to education. Meacham quipped that he likes games and competition, and thought it was an ingenious way to get people involved in solving the world's biggest challenges.


Jeff Meacham, Christy Meyers and David Walton at the XPRIZE "Once Around the Sun" LOOP event

Check it out now, and see if XPRIZE is responsible for the invention of the Snuggie...