An Illustrated Guide To All The Ingenious Ways People Refer To Their Genitals

Here's what people call their junk around the world.
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Box. Bush. Beaver. And yes, of course, pussy. These are some of the most widespread euphemisms for a woman’s lady parts. To many contemporary, native English speakers, they serve as the obvious alternatives when discussing private matters in public company.

But how do individuals in Japan, Cuba and Korea refer to their nether regions? Which animals, vegetables and minerals have been recruited for the cause, due to their unwitting resemblance to what rests between our legs?

An Instagram project titled XX_XY is compiling an extensive illustrated guide to all the weird ways people talk about their junk ― all around the world. The site, which has only been live for around a week, provides daily updates complete with truly striking visuals, sure to satisfy a worldly and dirty mind alike.

We’ve compiled 11 of our favorite euphemisms culled from all pockets of the globe. Get ready to view your kitchen cabinet in a whole new light.

1. In Indonesia, a penis is sometimes referred to as a “burung” ― or bird.

2. In Korea, the preferred slang for the penis is “gochu,” or black pepper.

3. In Italy, men are wont to dub their member a “pisello,” or pea.

4. Also in Italy, don’t be alarmed if you hear a vagina referred to as a “patata,” or potato.

5. In Japan, some people refer to the vag as a “täkō,” or octopus.

6. In Poland, the preferred slang for lady parts is “cipka” or chick.

7. In Cuba, a vag is also known as a “papaya” ― no translation necessary.

8. English-speaking countries are known to call a dude’s package a “schlong” ― which, you may be surprised to learn, comes from the Yiddish “shlang,” or snake.

9. In India, the pudenda is sometimes referred to as a “katori” or a bowl.

10. In Panama, another term for nature’s pocket is an “araña” ― also known as a spider.

11. In Poland, the two most popular ways for a woman to subtly reference her groin are “muszla,” which means seashell, and “sowa,” or owl.

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