No, Xzibit Doesn't Want To Pimp Your Damn Ride

The rapper/actor viciously shut down someone who asked him the classic question.

Xzibit doesn't care how crappy your car is. He ain't pimping it. Period.

The rapper/actor unloaded on an optimistic fan after she asked if he'd sprinkle some of the fairy dust from his former MTV show on her vehicle.

"Can you pimp my ride?" Twitter user Alejandra requested on Saturday.

Xzibit, real name Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, wasn't impressed. In fact, he got angry.

"No bitch, shits been over for a decade. Get a job." he replied. The exchange has since gone viral. 

While Xzibit is probably fed up with being asked the same question over and over again (the show where he transformed cars with 50-inch TV screens and gold-plated rims actually ended nine years ago, in 2007), his delivery could and should have been better.

Per Deadline News, he's now set to guest star in the second season of Fox's drama series "Empire". And what's happened to the cars he used to pimp? Find out here