Yahoo In Jeopardy, Facebook Restates Numbers. Hacking TV

Hacking TV #0059

Dreams and disappointments aplenty on this week's Hacking TV. Starting with cruel reality, Yahoo had to confess that it was the victim of the biggest identity hack in history two years ago, but it only found out right when it was trying to sell itself to Verizon. Meanwhile the egos of the video publishers on Facebook took a hit last week, when they found out the company overstated the time people spent watching their video... by 200 percent. On the optimistic side, AT&T says its yet to be introduced streaming service will be bigger than DirecTV within five years. And Snapchat continues to dream big, now introducing its own line of sunglasses, with a wireless video camera built in. I'm Saul Hansell and I'm Steve Rosenbaum. And this is HackingTV.