Yahoo To Offer Dunkin' Donuts-Branded News

Dunkin' Donuts is partnering with Yahoo! [YHOO] to serve up quick online recaps of sports and entertainment news to go along with its coffee and baked goods.

Yahoo! launched the Dunkin'-branded "Yahoo! Sports Minute" last month and will debut the Dunkin'-branded "Good Morning Yahoo!" video segment on April 9.

The venture marks Canton-based Dunkin's second foray into new media, after recently launching a channel on, as it seeks to expand its name and footprint nationally.

"We've been working with Yahoo! for the last 18 months and trying to figure out a way to come together beyond traditional advertising - how we can create a real branded experience that has national scale and that Dunkin' could own," said David Tryder, Dunkin's manager of interactive and relationship marketing.

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