Yakim McDaniels Killed In Brownsville Gate Accident (VIDEO)

A game turned into a nightmare Sunday afternoon as a 12-year-old boy was killed by a rising parking lot gate in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Yakim McDaniels was playing with a group of children at a parking facility at 230 Lott Avenue when he climbed atop the 20-foot electronic gate.

The gate's sensor was suddenly triggered, rising up and snatching McDaniels' clothing.

The boy was then crushed by the 20-foot upper frame. Neighbor Sean Spencer described, "He was like rolled up at the top and he was shaking, like convulsing. He did that for five or 10 minutes and just stopped."

FDNY emergency workers arrived at the scene and were forced to cut through the gate to remove Yakim, who was transported to Brookdale Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His mother Doris Chase said in shock, "It happened so fast, I had just seen him when he left out the house. Then somebody came upstairs and told me my son was dead. I couldn’t even hold him or do nothing."

Neighborhood residents are outraged over the devastating accident and are demanding for safer, designated areas in which children in the community can play in.