Yale 'Poopetrator' Used Chocolate On Stained Clothing Line

Yale University is still on the lookout for an alleged "poopetrator" who has placed human feces in the laundry machines at one of the campus residence halls.

However, a bit of good news did develop concerning garments hung on a clothing line early Friday morning on the New Haven, Conn. campus: they were stained with chocolate, not turds.

Rumors are running around on campus and among alumni that the semi-secret senior society (or anti-society) the Pundits were behind it as a prank. But several members told the Yale Daily News they have nothing to do with the "brown bandit" stringing chocolate-covered clothing on campus.

"Some people think the whole thing is funny; some think it is scary; and everyone thinks it is gross," Yale sophomore David Steiner told the New Haven Register.

Yale's Information Technology department is also not helping the Daily News with finding out who's behind the everybody.poops@yale.panlist.edu email account, which was used to send the campus publication photos of the stained clothes.

Meanwhile, Clorox has tried to get in on the Poopetrator episode with some of the most hilarious/disgusting tweets we've ever seen from a company making laundry products.

@YaleRumpus United we stand against the #Poopertrator. Time for #Poopgate13 justice pic.twitter.com/EgElIHaN3m

— Clorox (@Clorox) October 4, 2013

Poopetrator justice, indeed, Clorox.