Yale President: Alcohol Can't Be Used To Blame Sexual Assault Victims

Yale University President Peter Salovey told HuffPost Live on Friday that issues of communication failure or alcohol use "can't be used to blame victims" of sexual violence.

Speaking from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Salovey said he considers sexual violence a challenge on every campus, one "we have to take seriously" and one "that's very real."

"Sometimes it's hard to talk about these issues because they're very personal," Salovey said.

However, he continued, it's something he thinks universities need to step up and work to prevent.

"People have a right to expect that they are not going to be subject to unwelcome sexual advances, let alone rape," Salovey told HuffPost. "That is a fair and appropriate thing to say, 'I should be able to come to a campus and it doesn't happen.'"

Watch more of the conversation in the video above.