Yale University Press Refuses To Publish Danish Cartoons Depicting Prophet Muhammed

Yale University Press has refused to include a one-page replica of the controversial Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammed amid fears of a backlash, reports CBC.

The book, entitled The Cartoons That Shook The World and written by Jytte Klausen, a Brandeis University political scientist, concerns the 2005 publication of cartoons that led to Muslim rioting and violence.

CBC quotes Klausen saying she was "stunned" by the decision of Yale University Press. "If you are talking about training students to look at images, you have to be able to look."

The original publication of the cartoons sparked off riots and anti-Danish sentiment across a number of Muslim countries and their re-publication was met with similar protests, the BBC reported.

One of the most controversial cartoons depicted Muhammad with a bomb in his turban.

The cartoonist Kurt Westergaard also received numerous death threats in the wake of publication.

Earlier this year, the Denmark Free Press society printed 1,000 copies of the cartoons and sold them for Eur250 each.

The Copenhagen Post reported that signed copies of the cartoons have become a collector's item.

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