Yana Toyber Photographs Country's Only Legal Prostitutes (PHOTOS)

Curiosity for the indecent can turn into fascination for the raw. It's a slippery slope that Ukrainian cum-Brooklynite photographer, Yana Toyber has ridden all the way to Nevada where she lived in a licensed brothel and documented the lives of the only legal prostitutes in the United States.

A lot of Yana's work celebrates the grace and grit of beautiful women and their fearless ways. These photos are an engrossing account of one of the world's most dangerous professions under today's safest conditions. Her focus is not so much on the act of sex but rather the episodic moments in between work, play and waiting, which is rarely highlighted for these jezebels of the night.

It's more than just tits and ass. Yana's photos illustrate the more relaxed side of harlotry; free of any pimp slaps or police cuffs, as well a greater peace of mind from regular testing for STDs. Her work highlights the benefit of progressive policies, which can introduce dignity to an impure profession while doing a service to society by zapping flesh-peddling predators off the streets.

Prostitution is the world's oldest profession and it has no plans of ever disappearing. But at least now, its legalized professionals have the decency and security of calling themselves the most sensual "independent contractors" of Nevada.

Yana Toyber