Yang Guanghe Pulls 1.6-Ton Car With His Eye Sockets (VIDEO)

SOCKET TO ME: Chinese Strong Man Pulls 1.6-Ton Car With His Eye Sockets

With enough hours in the gym, anyone can get strong arms or legs, but it's a little harder to get strong eye sockets.

Which makes the recent feat of Chinese strong man Yang Guanghe even more impressive.

On April 28, Guanghe managed to pull a 1.6-ton Mercedes Benz with his eye sockets -- despite barely weighing 100 pounds himself.

Guanghe, who performed the feat in his home town of Anshun, in the Guizhou province of China, has been training his eyes for 10 years and started working on the feat in order to demonstrate that all body parts can be powerful.

"Anyone can use the tough parts of the body to perform feats of strength –- my speciality is to turn my softer parts into something formidable," he told the Daily Star. "I think that the pulling the car routine is my most visually impressive –- it takes years of training to toughen the eyelids up to get to this sort of level where you can perform feats like this."

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But pulling heavy objects with his eyelids isn't Guanghe's only amazing feat.

He has 30 in his repertoire, including one where he puts four lit lightbulbs on a table before placing a board on top with two sharp knives on it with the blades pointing up, according to Metro.

Then he stands on the sharpened blades with his bare feet, attaches two hooks to his lower eyelids that hold two buckets of water and plays the flute.

He also uses his eye sockets to pull a tricycle with three fully-grown adults balanced on it.

"I would advise anybody to copy me who is not a professional. I am not a giant -- I weigh just 45 kg -- but I have the world's strongest eyelids," Guaghe told the Daily Star.

As impressive as Guaghe's feats may seem, they may not be as difficult as they look, according to Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus, who explained the eyeball trick to AOL Weird News in 2010. At the time, a Chinese strongman named Dong Changsheng had wowed the audience at the Changchun Internationals Exhibition Center in the Jilin province by pulling a light plane across a room with just his eyelids.

"It's not the eyelids that are doing the lifting, it's the bone underneath," Rose revealed. "The key isn't the eyeballs -- it's the neck."

True, not everyone can pull a plane with any part of their body, but as Rose pointed out: "Once you get it moving, it's all physics and the plane or car rolls by itself."

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