This Horse With A Giant Rear Is The Strangest Work At Art Basel Hong Kong

Do you ever feel like contemporary art fairs are all the same? The seemingly endless influx of an oversized abstract canvas followed by a mirrored sculpture followed by an art historical throwback all becoming a somewhat exhausting blur?

Yang Maoyuan's 2014 sculpture "They are coming to Hong Kong," which made quite the impression at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015, is here to wake you up with a jolt.

The Beijing, China-based artist is known for contracting and expanding the human form in his works, transforming familiar bodily contours into bulbous orbs and alien vessels. For this year's fair, however, Yang turned his sights on the equestrian configuration, blowing up a horse's rear end to the size of a furry hot air balloon. The Art Newspaper's Gareth Harris summed up our approximate reaction with the words "Not sure..."

Whether you find the mutated stallion intriguing, repulsive, or straight up perplexing, we're always happy to see artists shaking up the massive art maze with a heavy dose of weirdness now and again. Behold, the weirdest artwork at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015, hands down.



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