Yanis Marshall And Dancers Dance To Spice Girls Around Paris (VIDEO)

Think you're fabulous because you sat in your bedroom and memorized every dance number to "Spiceworld?" When stressed do you imagine yourself in glitter hot pants in the middle of a desert a la the "Say You'll Be There" music video? Well, next time dream you're in Paris and you'll be closer to what these three guys did in reality.

Choreographer Yanis Marshall leads a trio of fierce dancers as they transform the streets of old gay Paree into their own production of "Viva Forever!" They dance outside of landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and then enlisting other backup dancers for a platform number while they wait for the Metro.

Sadly, the video only features three songs: "Wannabe," "Stop," and "Who Do You Think You Are?" Hopefully Marshall and his dancers will soon make their way to other cities strutting to the rest of the Spice catalogue.



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