Yankees Outfielder Aaron Hicks Shuts Down Angels' Grand Slam


Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks just shut the Angels down with an epic catch.

The New York Yankees had a four-run lead over the Los Angeles Angels at the bottom of the first inning Wednesday night when Luis Valbuena, the Angels’ power-hitting infielder, drove the ball straight down center field with the bases loaded.

It looked liked Valbuena’s hit was headed for a grand slam over the center field fence, but then Hicks leapt high and grabbed it over the wall.

The Angels were dutifully denied.

The Yankees rubbed that epic moment in the Angels’ faces by hijacking the California team’s unofficial slogan and repurposing it with a slow-motion replay.

Despite the shade, the Angels were good sports about the tweet and tipped their hats to Hicks’ talent in the outfield.

Late Wednesday, though, the Angels came back to win, 7-5. 



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