Poor Yankees Fan Goes 0-3 For The Night With One Shot To The Face

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then just grab the ball.

Enthusiastic Yankees Fan went 0-3 with one shot to the face and one Supportive Companion's face in her hands during the team's 10-4 loss to the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday. 

Enthusiastic Yankees Fan's first error came via a foul ball, which bounced off his hands, much to the quiet amusement of Supportive Companion.

 A bit later, a tricky hop got the better of Enthusiastic Yankees Fan. This time, Supportive Companion looked equally befuddled. 

Then finally, there was the shot to the face. Supportive Companion laughed and placed her face in her hands. He reached over to grab what was rightfully his. It was always going to end this way for Enthusiastic Yankees Fan.
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