Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry On Hold After Boston Marathon Bombings (VIDEO/PHOTOS/CARTOON)

The Yankees and the Red Sox have put aside more than a century of enmity in the aftermath of the tragic bombings at the Boston Marathon. One day after the deadly attack on one of Boston's signature sporting events, Boston's longstanding sporting rival offered its support.

A rivalry that has featured mythic curses, stadium sabotage and sporadic scraps on the field as well as in the stands has been transcended by the harrowing loss of life and limb in Boston. The newfound and hard-earned soliditary between these traditionally feuding franchises was perhaps best illustrated in a cartoon by Bill Bramhall that ran in the New York Daily News on Tuesday. Here is that moving piece, shared with permission.

red sox yankees

In addition to the "United We Stand" message displayed on the exterior of their ballpark, the Yankees brought one familiar sound from Fenway Park to the Bronx on Tuesday night. In the third inning of the game between the Yankees and Diamondbacks, the Yankees played Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline."

"I think it's important that we recognize that we're all behind the people in Boston and everyone that was involved," Yankees manager Joe Girardi told before his team played on Tuesday. "You think about that being a song that's a tradition there -- it's special to Fenway Park and the people of Boston. We're behind them. Put the baseball teams aside. We want to be there for them."

The sports institutions and media in New York were far from the only ones to show support for those in Boston. The front page of the sports section in The Chicago Tribune on Monday featured a stirring tribute to Boston and its sports community.



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