Meet The Daughter Yanni Fans Didn't Know He Had (VIDEO)

Meet The Daughter Yanni Fans Didn't Know He Had

For an internationally known musician, Yanni is a relatively private person. Aside from one high-profile relationship with "Dynasty" actress Linda Evans in the '90s, not much has been reported on the Greek-born pianist's personal life. From his partners to his family members, Yanni has typically kept his loved ones tightly guarded. In fact, up until a few months ago, most of the world believed Yanni never had any children.

Then, in April, Yanni quietly confirmed that he had a daughter.

On "Oprah: Where Are They Now?", Yanni introduces his daughter for the first time, offering a rare glimpse their relationship. As she takes photographs of Yanni backstage at London's Royal Albert Hall before a concert, he opens up to the cameras.

"The world is beginning to find out that I do have a daughter," Yanni says in the clip above. "And she is absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Her name is Krystal Ann."

The 32-years-old Krystal Ann is a dedicated part of Yanni's marketing team -- and has been for years.

"She pretty much runs my social media," he says. "So, all the fans around the world know her, but most of them didn't realize that was my daughter."

A doting father, Yanni says he and Krystal Ann have a special bond. "She's the love of my life. I love her," Yanni says. "We're very, very close."

In the video below, Yanni talks about his relationship with Linda Evans on HuffPost Live, explaining why it was his fault they split.

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