Victor Yanukovych Ends Press Conference With Failed Assault On Pen (WATCH)

WATCH: Frustrated Fugutive President Ends Press Conference By Trying To Break Pen
Towards the end of
this morning there was a candid moment that appeared to show just how frustrated the former strongman was at the events that have transpired in Ukraine. Breathing deeply with a small grimace across his face, Yanukovych tries and fails to snap his pen in half before regaining his composure to finish a remark.

The botched pen assault was captured by Oleksiy Radynski and put onto the looped video site Coub, before it was shared on Twitter by BuzzFeed's reporter in Ukraine Max Seddon. It's worth noting that Yanukovych is quite a big dude, nearly six-foot six and estimated to weigh in at around 240 pounds, so either all the fleeing he's been doing has seriously sapped his strength or that is one well made pen.

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