Yao Ming Golf Swing: Ex-Rockets Star Struggles To Master New Sport (VIDEO)

During the peak of his 8-year NBA career, Yao Ming displayed a finesse that belied his hulking size The same can not be said of his recent display on a golf course.

Video of the 7-foot-6 retiree golfing has been going viral due to the incredible awkwardness of his swing (despite the endearingly earnest effort he seems to be making). Per Business Insider, Yao participated in the the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am in China over the weekend.

The description accompanying this video on YouTube doesn't name that event or provide much detail at all. The description provided by user BasketballBroNews actually just repeats two sentences three times over.

"Yao starts a new career in golf in his retirement. He is so tall and it is a little hard for him to play well in golf."

Yup, that about sums it up. In this video it takes more than one repetition of his long swing for him to make contact with the ball.

Nicholas Schwartz of BuzzFeed sees "a genuine, yet unrefined golfer inside that massive frame," which would put Yao well ahead of at least one other NBA star turned golfer.