The Williamsburg Bridge Gets YARN BOMBED!

The Williamsburg Bridge Gets YARN BOMBED!

Smile, Williamsburg. You've just been yarn bombed!

Minneapolis street artist HOTTEA revamped the Brooklyn passage yesterday, turning the urban metal contraption into a rainbow muppet paradise. Using threads of multicolored yarn, HOTTEA covered the bridge with a Crayola-hued canopy ten feet above the ground, a win for knit-loving grannies and Williamsburg hipsters alike.


HOTTEA began his yarn-bombing crusade after standard spray-paint graffiti led to an arrest. According to Tristan Pollock, the HOTTEA project was inspired by past experiences, including "a grandmother teaching the skill of knitting, anti-gay bullying from kids at school, and, most importantly, the relationships that were developed along the way -- negative, or positive."


Check out photos of the artsy attack below. All images courtesy of Aymann Ismail at ANIMALNewYork.







CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this article we referred to HOTTEA as a duo. The article has since been updated to reflect that HOTTEA is one artist. We regret the error.

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