60-Year-Old Model Puts Sexed-Up Swimsuit Ads To Shame In Stunning Photos

Sleek is the new sexy.
The Dreslyn/Land of Women

Like any article of clothing, swimwear can help you express your smart, playful, confident best self.

Sixty-year-old model Yazemeenah Rossi proves this point flawlessly in new campaign images for a swimsuit collaboration between online specialty shop The Dreslyn and lingerie house Land of Women.

She makes it perfectly clear a company doesn't need young models to draw attention, making us wonder why this is still such a rarity in the industry.

The Dreslyn/Land of Women
The Dreslyn/Land of Women
The Dreslyn/Land of Women
The Dreslyn/Land of Women

The collection's simple white silhouette was meant to draw focus to women and their identities, veering from the "hyper-sexualized imagery" in existing swimwear lines, Dreslyn founder Brooke Taylor Corcia told HuffPost.

And when it came time to choose a model, the glowing Rossi was a natural choice.

"This is a woman who radiates health and vitality," Corcia said. "She's confident, she's a visual artist, she takes care of herself. [This line is] all about being a person who’s well-lived and well-traveled and has intelligence and confidence, and letting that shine through."

We've gotta say, these images have us ready to jump into the nearest one-piece ASAP:

The Dreslyn/Land of Women
The Dreslyn/Land of Women

The Land of Women x The Dreslyn swimwear collection is currently available online, where new items retail from $155 for a one-piece to $375 for a cover-up robe.

And whether you're swimming or not, the campaign is yet another refreshing reminder that sexy doesn't have to mean skimpy. Or young.

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