Watch The Harrowing Story Of A Yazidi Woman Fighting Back Against ISIS


As Islamic State militants led a brutal attack on the Yazidi minority in Iraq's north this past August, tens of thousands of villagers fled into the Sinjar mountains, hoping to escape the extremist fighters.

Rojbin was one of the refugees who climbed the mountain to seek safety. While she managed to escape the militants, many others were rounded up. In the massacre that followed, IS fighters reportedly murdered hundreds of Yazidis. Rojbin believes her family was among those killed.

Now, in a harrowing video by Kurdish journalist Khazar Fatemi, Rojbin explains how she has taken up arms with Syria's Kurdish YPG militia and is determined to fight back against the Islamic State. "I have promised myself I will return to Shengal!" Rojbin says, referring to her former city, "I will stay there, take it back, or get killed."

Watch Fatemi's report in the video above.

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