Yazidi Woman Who Fled ISIS Militants Names Her Newborn 'Refugee'

In a makeshift refugee camp near Dohuk, Iraq, a woman recently gave birth to a baby girl and named her Hajir, or "Refugee" in Arabic. She wants her daughter to grow up outside of Iraq so she will no longer have to fear militants.

Hajir's mother is one of several Yazidis interviewed this week by BBC reporter Yalda Hakim at the camp in Dohuk. Tens of thousands of Yazidis, members of a minority religious group, fled their homes in Iraq's Sinjar province weeks ago after Islamic State militants vowed to kill them if they didn't convert to Islam.

Another refugee at the camp near Dohuk, a father of seven, said that the worst part of the ordeal was knowing that women were being kidnapped and raped and that people were dying of thirst.

"The militants have taken everything, our money and our honor," he told the BBC. "We want revenge, whatever the cost. Even if it means our own lives."

The Islamic State has killed hundreds of Yazidis in recent weeks as it continues to gain more territory in Iraq and Syria. U.S. President Obama ordered airstrikes against militants earlier this month to save Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar. The U.S. is currently considering sending 300 additional troops to Iraq to increase security in Baghdad.

Watch the full BBC video above.