The Most Amazing Dog Stories Of 2013 In Pictures (And GIFs)

The Most Amazing Dog Stories Of 2013

Wow. So many dog stories happened in 2013 that it's hard to pick a favorite. Here are some that left us howling for more.

Buddy The Corgi Rode A Twisty Slide
Over. And over. And over.
Liberty Brought Home A Surprise
It was a human leg. Then deputies found more remains. Liberty would probably make a good police dog.
Everyone Fell In Love With Tonik's 'Human' Face
Seriously. After being rescued from a kill shelter by an Indiana animal welfare organization, the poodle-Shih Tzu mix got had more adoption offers than the agency could handle.
Wow. So Shibe. Such Meme. Many Doge.
In case you missed this meme (which was all over the Internet in 2013): "The words are supposed to be the dog's internal monologue, and the dog is astonished, it seems, by the very fact that it is having an internal monologue."
The 2013 Halloween Dog Parade Was The Cutest Ever
We got the pictures to prove it.
We Said Goodbye To A Legend
Giant George, former Guinness World Record holder for "tallest dog ever," passed away just shy of his eighth birthday. The gentle giant stood 43 inches tall. He will be missed.
Some Doggz Got Stoned... On Poop
Although one expert told HuffPost that it was more likely that some dogs in Berlin got high after they "found someone's stash" and ingested it, the consensus is that it was just some bad sh*t.
Winston The Bulldog Skateboarded All Over D.C.
This Dog Wrestled A Kangaroo, And Kind Of Let Him Win
What a good sport!
Norman The Bike-Riding Dog Rode A Scooter
Norman's a dog of many talents, but this one's probably our favorite.
If you think you put a lot of thought into your dog's look, think again. Sue Eld-Weaver, the UK's top dog groomer, styles pooches in incredibly elaborate getups. Cat Opson, a groomer competing against Eld-Weaver, entered this Sesame Street design in 2012.

Correction: A previous version of this article misidentified the creator of the Sesame Street dog grooming design. It was designed by Cat Opson, not Sue Eld-Weaver.

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