Year In Science 2012: Inspiring Discoveries & Important Events (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Year In Science

From the mission to Mars to exoplanets orbiting distant stars, supermassive black holes and a new look at DNA, many inspiring discoveries and important events made 2012 an amazing year in science.

Physicists brought science an important step closer to explaining the universe. NASA pushed the boundaries of space exploration, and commercial ventures took humanity to dizzying new heights.

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The scientific community mourned the passing of pioneers and commemorated the legacy of visionaries. Celestial events captivated and inspired tens of thousands of people worldwide, while back on earth, the startling realities of climate change hit home for millions.

Important as they are, these few events and discoveries only scratch the surface of the year in science. What lies ahead in 2013?

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Year In Science 2012

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