Year Of The Monkey Poster Is This Year's Nastiest Design Fail (NSFW)

Naturally, the Internet is going apes**t.

He may never get this monkey off his back.

San Francisco designer Lehu Zhang made a poster to honor the Chinese zodiac's Year of the Monkey, which began Monday. Only the monkey doesn't look like a monkey. It looks like a penis penetrating where the sun doesn't shine.

Zhang told The Huffington Post it was a personal project, but a Twitter user noticed the poster in the designer's online portfolio

"I'm OK with it," Zhang, 29, said of the snarky online reactions.

He added that he merely wanted to make something interesting.

Mission accomplished.

He conceded to BuzzFeed that only later did he see "some sexual things" in the work.

"A monkey face was my initial plan," he wrote on his site. "But as long as I was drawing, this turned out."

You might as well own it, dude.

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