Sorry, You Don't Actually Have A Year To Send A Wedding Gift

We hate to burst your bubble.

You may have heard somewhere that guests have up to a year after the wedding to send a gift to the newlywed couple.

These days, though, etiquette experts insist that a year is way, way too long to wait.

“A year is a long time and a lot can change!” Amber Harrison of Wedding Paper Divas told The Huffington Post. “For example, it is totally possible that the couple might be making a big cross-country move or welcoming a new baby one year after the wedding, in which case receiving a wedding gift might feel out of place.”

So how long is the window, really?

“Guidance for proper timing of the gift is not as clear cut,” Harrison added. “Gifts are welcome and appropriate at any time before the wedding and even at the reception. It is perfectly fine for gifts to also arrive after the wedding, but it should be soon enough that the wedding is still top of mind. There are always exceptions to the rule, but sending a gift more than a month or two after the wedding is probably too long.”

There you have it.

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