12 Knead-And-Rise Breads To Bake

Ah bread! A crusty slice, with or without butter, is always a welcome treat. But bread is one of those foods that's often taken for granted, especially when it's so easy to buy at any supermarket or corner bakery.

But what would we do without bread? It's there in restaurants for us to nosh on while we wait for our orders to arrive. It's there for us to mop up the last bits of soup or stew. Oftentimes it's our breakfast toast, or a snack with coffee or tea. Bread is just an important part of our daily lives.

If you love eating bread, you'll love baking it too. Plus you'll gain a new appreciation for the humble loaf. Whether you're just a novice or an expert baker, bread is such a satisfying thing to make -- to mix up a few basic ingredients and watch the rising process take place -- it's like magic, well actually science.

The following collection of recipes includes your typical bread recipes, like Parkerhouse rolls, sourdough bread with that noticeable tang, and whole-wheat bread with toothsome texture. There are also unique versions of challah, brioche, and potato bread. There's even a recipe for no-knead bread, which would be perfect for the first-time baker to try. Make some time -- on a weekend or any lazy day -- and try your hand at baking.

What's your favorite bread? Leave a comment below.

Bread Recipes