Yelling At The TV - 4

Yelling At The TV - 4
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The New National Pastime (or maybe it's just me).

Officials To Steal Eggs To Protect GOP Convention Attendees From Pigeon Poop.
While you're at, better steal all the bulls, too.

Pentagon Report Says No Connection Between Iraq And Al Qaeda..Cheney Says There Is.

Who ya gonna believe? Me or the entire U.S. government and the rest of the world?

British Soldiers Speak Out: Describe Psychological Games, Interrogations.
And it was awful because they were expecting to be water boarded, stripped and piled on top of each other, attacked by dogs, hooked up to electrical wires, packed in ice, and held for five years. And waiting for that which never came was just agony...

Dems Call For Investigation of Bush Recess Appointment of "Swift Boat" Ambassador To Belgium.

Yeah, apparently this guy didn't really do all the "ambassador" things he claims to have won ambassador medals for in the past.

Chertoff: "The Fear Has Always Been The So-Called 'Clean Skin' Terrorists."
If we don't fight them over there, they'll follow us here to the Clinique counter.

O'Reilly Has Shrill Screaming Match With Geraldo.
Is America ready for a woman president?

Suicide Bomber Kills 27 With TNT And Chlorine In Baghdad.
Boy that surge is working!! Before, he probably would have killed 30.

Three Top Staffers Demote Themselves Over Bible Quoting 33-Year Old US Attorney.

You know Bush is making great appointments when in reaction people start firing themselves.

Disney: "We Don't Want Keith Richards Doing Promotion For Pirates Film."
His admission of snorting his father could have a bad influence on kids who are used to reading about stepmothers trying to murder their kids, put curses on them, imprison them, poison them, blind their fiancés, or see mothers getting shot. "We're a family company."

Romney: "I shoot rabbits."

Great way for a Mormon to get the Christian vote on Easter.

"Girls Gone Wild" Founder Ordered To Jail.
Get ready for "Convicts Gone Wild."

Disney To Allow Same-Sex Couples In "Fairy Tale Wedding" Program.
Yeah, you might want to think about changing that name...

Karl Rove Discusses Work For Nixon In 1972.

Yep, he's no flash in the pan crook-liar.

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