Yellow Jacket: An iPhone Case With A Stun Gun For Self Defense (VIDEO)

Yellow Jacket: An iPhone Case With A Stun Gun For Self Defense (WATCH)

The iPhone may already come with top-notch security to protect you from viruses, but what about a stun gun case to protect you from physical harm?

After surviving a traumatic personal experience, one entrepreneur invented the Yellow Jacket case for iPhones, which can protect both the phone and its owner from violent crime with a built-in stun gun.

Seth Froom came up with the idea for the Yellow Jacket iPhone case after an armed robber broke into his home and took cell phones, laptops and electronic devices from Froom and his friends. In the days following the incident, 23-year-old Froom, a former military police officer, wondered how the situation could have played out differently.

The $125 case for iPhone 4 and 4S comes with a 650k volt stun gun and its own external battery, which provides the added benefit of extending the iPhone's battery life by up to extra 20 hours. In an introductory video, the Yellow Jacket's creators say the device is capable of taking down a "fully grown aggressive adult male." To ensure safety from accidental electronic discharges, the case features a safety switch and rotating electrode cap -- so you don't have to worry about being electronically sedated while on a phone call with your mother.

This isn't the first attempt at mixing smartphones and self defense. SmartGuard offers an iPhone case with tubes of pepper spray, while Tiger security specialists offer a fake iPhone that doubles as a stun gun, though it's not clear why someone would want to carry around a second phone.

Froom and co-founder Sean Simone are currently fundraising on Indiegogo to make Yellow Jacket a reality. With 16 days left, their $15,000 raised is short of their $100,000 goal. "We are hard-headed entrepreneurs and there is definitely a market for the product based off of the hundred or so cases we have sold thus far and the feedback we have received," Simone said. "If we don't reach our goal, we are also pursuing angel investment."

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