Website Lets You Opt-Out Of Yellow Pages Delivery

Website Lets You Opt-Out Of Yellow Pages Delivery

There's finally a way to rid your doorstep of those unwanted telephone tomes.

On February 1, the National Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers launched YellowPagesOptOut, an easy-to-use website where customers can "opt out" of the Yellow Pages's automatic home delivery service.

As Read Write Web points out, "nearly 70% of adults in the United States 'rarely or never' use the phone book, and instead opt to use the Web-based search tools, which are infinitely more convenient and efficient." Working toward a more sustainable business model, the Yellow Pages Association has recognized and addressed this falling demand for paper phone books.

To use YellowPagesOptOut, enter your zip code on the site's homepage to view the number of directory books you're eligible for, then register your email address and phone number to create an account. Once you've registered, you can choose which books you'd like to receive, if any. It's that simple.

"Our industry is taking a giant leap forward today by launching a clearinghouse site for consumers to control the delivery of directories," Neg Norton, president of the Yellow Pages Association, said on Tuesday, according to USAToday.

To see how many directories you qualify to receive, visit YellowPagesOptOut and input your zip code information.

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