Yellowstone By Moonlight Time Lapse Video Is Awe-Inspiring

You've Never Seen Yellowstone Like This Before

If you're a travel or nature enthusiast, chances are you've seen your fair share of time lapse videos featuring a sunny day at Yellowstone National Park. But have you ever seen such time lapses lit by nothing but the moon?

In a new video called "Yellowstone By Moonlight," wildlife and landscape photographer and cinematographer Christopher Cauble captured Yellowstone National Park with no other lightening but moonlight. The video is as romantic and awesome as it sounds.

Over the course of several years, Cauble spent many nights alone in Yellowstone shooting this almost alarmingly beautiful series of photos. "Yellowstone is an extreme and dynamic environment; at times I could be watching a geyser erupt under a full moon and at the same time hear wolves howling in the distance," Cauble says on his Vimeo page, where the video is hosted.

Serene sequences like the starry night sky moving over bare trees are just as enchanting as roaring waterfalls. All the while, the moon and its shimmering light cast a mystical glow. Watch this video and prepare to be inspired to take your own moonlit adventure to this stunning national treasure.

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