Yes Hillary, It Should Be Warren

As the media now pivots to vice presidential candidates for presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, she should take a page out of her husband's playbook and buck conventional wisdom.

When Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton picked Tennessee Senator Al Gore as his running mate for the presidency, conventional political wisdom believed the choice of Gore was a mistake. Two Southerners just did not make sense. Everyone believed that Bill Clinton should have selected someone to broaden his appeal geographically, as well as to bring the party together; someone from Northeast or the West, heck even someone from the Plain states. Just not another Southerner. Hillary, your husband bucked conventional wisdom and so should you.

Picking Elizabeth Warren as your VP candidate will unite the Democratic Party. Warren represents all the Sanders supporters want; progressive views that take on Wall Street greed and address income inequality. Hillary, you can announce that Warren will be chartered with addressing income inequality and investigating how to create equity in the tax code.

The great thing is that you can have your cake and eat it too. Hillary, you would be bucking conventional wisdom by picking a female northeasterner like yourself, but also be embracing conventional wisdom by balancing the ticket with a progressive on the ticket that represents all that the Bernie Sanders campaign has achieved.

Your all-female ticket would be historic in itself. Just as the Clinton-Gore ticket was historic; the youngest ticket in history, two Southerners and two guys from the Ivy League. Clinton-Warren would be two women from the Northeast, one totally progressive, the other moderate, for who Republican moderate women would quietly enter the voting booth and pull the lever. A female ticket that would fundamentally change Washington.

I know brothers, and political rising stars, Joaquin and Julian Castro are on your short list for vice president. They have time to be chosen and to run. Hillary, pick Warren and give women the opportunity to say "we too are qualified" in the voting booth. You believe it and so does America.