Yes, it is THAT Surgery..

Yes, it is THAT Surgery..
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The following is a message that I posted just to ‘friends’ on my Facebook page. Out of all social media platforms, Facebook is the one place that I have received the most hurtful messages in the past. As a transgender woman, when people know you pre-transition, they seem to think they can define you and place you into a box. I say “no thank you” to that.

—Facebook Message Excerpt —

Ari is having Surgery!

Tomorrow morning I will begin a long hospital stay in Chicago. This surgery is related to my transition. I am elated and so relieved to finally reach this moment.

For me, this step simply will bring my body more fully into alignment with my gender. There is a misconception out there that this will be the moment that I 'become a woman', but I feel that is an out of date way of looking at gender and that view is more about social conformity.

I am just Ariana.

Gender Today: Female

Gender Tomorrow: Female

Gender at Birth: Female

Biological Sex at Birth: Male

For those scratching their heads, there are scientific journal articles that explain that gender is experienced neurologically and that it is independent of the biological sex of the body. Most people are lucky enough to have those two match. My parents won the lottery and had a child without a matching set of biological sex and gender.

Over the past three plus years I have simply been able to crack out of the shell I was placed in at birth and I am already free and so very happy and the healthiest I have ever been in my life. This surgery is scary of course. There are risks. However, I accept those risks and I am willing to face the difficult recovery. I have jumped through countless hurdles to be approved for this surgery. The medical community understands what this is and those entrusted with my care agree that this is right for me. I know there are people in my social circle here on Facebook who would say they "do not agree with this."

I would ask those people, "How do you not agree with the existence of a person?"

I am here. I exist. I am happy. I am strong. I am highly intelligent. I am mentally sound. Like each of you, I am a beautiful creation.. an example of the breadth and wealth of human existence.

Now, I choose to fully be me.


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