Yes, Scott, There is a Santa

I'm a believer. Big time. I believe in The American Dream, I believe that all men and women are created equal, that everything happens for a reason and I believe in Santa Claus. "How could I?" You may be asking. Well, how could I not?!

He's here, there and everywhere doing exactly what he is supposed to do -- spread Christmas joy throughout the world to everyone who's lucky enough to catch a glimpse of him. I may not be jumping in Santa's lap anymore but the feeling I get when I see him isn't waning with my teenage years, it's becoming even stronger. Once you realize that Santa isn't about wrapping paper and ribbon, you get to appreciate the true magic of Christmas.

And I am proud to say I'm not alone in my belief. Of course, there's the younger generation who would bet their entire train set that Santa and his sack full of toys will come down their chimney Christmas Eve, but there's also a whole other group of Santa supporters. According to the Happy Holidays Poll conducted by the Siena Research Institute, thirty percent of New York residents over eighteen believe in Santa Claus. Among his biggest believers are older New Yorkers, women, Catholics and Republicans.

Earlier this month, a family member came this close to saying "bah humbug" to the holidays. My younger brother found out that those presents under the tree don't come from Santa's workshop; they come from the mall. Shock, disbelief and disappointment quickly set in. You mean there's no nice and naughty list he asked? Nope. What about the reindeer on the roof? No way. Questions about The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy followed. No and No.

But my little brother was quick to catch on. And after several days of head shaking and eye rolling every time mom or dad would mention the name Santa, he proudly announced that he is still a believer. He realized the true meaning of the season isn't necessarily inside a Santa suit; it's the traditions, beliefs and joy that we share as a family that makes Christmas the best time of the year.

And yes, I will be baking cookies to leave for Santa again this year, along with some reindeer mix for Rudolph and his team. It's a very busy week for all of them

That's the best thing about our country: we are free to be and to believe.

Let's count our blessings.

Peace Love Profits,