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Yes, She Is Mine

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"Whose child is that?"

"You mean the one who is running wild, keeping up with all of the others, three times her age?"
Yes...She's mine."

"Who does that little girl belong to?"

"That little one who is talking to everyone, young and old, who gains a permanent smile the minute she speaks to them?
Yes...She's mine."

"Where is that little girl's parents?"

"If you're referring to the wild cat racing around the field, she can't be tamed, nor do we want to try to do so. We are always a few steps behind her."
Yes...She's mine."

"What in God's name..."

"Yes, I say that, too, at times. More often than not. But I've learned I don't need to always understand her rationalization. She is a free spirit, without a doubt."
Yes....She's mine."

"Does that little girl always behave this way?"

"Yes, she does. Always full of life and energy and has more personality than can realistically fit into that tiny body of hers.
Yes....She's mine."

"Who exactly IS that little one?"

"She is the light of our lives. The life of the party. There is an aura about her wherever she goes.
Yes...She's mine."

"Truly, I've never seen such a thing."

"Me either. Thank God she doesn't just blend in or think she needs to look or act a certain way 'like others'.
Yes...She's mine."

"Is this normal behavior for toddler girls?"

"Absolutely not. And that's what I love the most about her. She's the farthest thing from normal or average.
Yes...She's mine."

"Who in the world does that?"

"She does. You never know what's coming or what you're going to get. She's full of surprises every single day.
Yes...She's mine."

"Do you SEE her?"

"I do. Everyday. And there are often times she takes my breath away from being both scared and from being in awe.
Yes...She's mine."

You see, my little girl typically never has matching clothes on. Her hair is normally everywhere and out of place. She likes to play dress up and wear her princess heels around the house, but she equally likes to go dig in the dirt in the back yard and play ball with the boys. As quick as she can start to cry over God only knows what, she can just as quickly begin flashing her million dollar smile that makes your heart want to burst.

This little girl, we were told, wouldn't be here today or was never supposed to make it into our arms, but as you can see - she is perfect and healthy in every way possible.

This little girl, well...has an effect on everyone she meets.

"Thank you God, YES, she is mine."

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