Yes, There Is A Civil War Looming, And The Alt-Right Is Pushing It

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Donald Trump’s supporters are shaking like little schoolgirls afraid of the monster in the closet. Even while they point to the Middle East, they ignore the genuine threat of terrorism in America — the alt-right.

More Americans have been killed by white, under-educated, financially impotent, scared white men, aka likely ‘Trump supporters,’ in the past twelve months than by foreign terrorists screaming ‘Allahu Akbar.’

Now, Trump backers have a new dog whistle to follow which soothes their jangled nerves even as they go orgasmic for Trump, pick up their AR-15s and yell, ‘hold my beer.’

Is another Civil War brewing? Marshall Connolly writing for Catholic Online points out, “There are few differences. The rhetoric is almost seditious. Politicians give speeches telling persons to be ‘disruptors.’

The word, ‘revolution’ is being tossed about as a political term and it’s difficult to avoid the idea that the alt-right is being called to arms.

Terrorist Propaganda Courtesy of The NRA

A new ad from America’s largest gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, is being compared to a recruitment video produced by terrorists, experts claim.

Referring to persons on the left, the video claims “They use their media to assassinate real news.”

The video, featuring NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch, who is employed by the alt-right outlet The Blaze, claims the left is using former-President Obama to endorse the resistance.

The video urges viewers to link up with the gun lobby to fight back by raising “clenched fists of truth.”

Cynthia Storer, an adjunct instructor at Johns Hopkins, says, “This is the kind of rhetoric which creates extremists.”

Storer should know. She created the models used by the CIA in tracking the path of extremist radicalization.

“Extremism sparks extremism in return. It’s a cycle and the world burns,” says Storer.

While Trump-supporters continue to point to refugees and persons from the Middle East as being a threat to America, the real terrorists are right-wing Americans. According to a recent report, nearly twice as many terrorist attacks were carried out by American extremists as Islamist extremists within America.

In a recent interview with Newsweek, Susan Benesch, a researcher with Harvard’s Berkman Klein Center, said, ”…leaders used to condemn violence and the violent speech that incites hatred head on.”

Benesch held up Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as an example of what more politicians must do. Following the shooting of Republican Whip Steve Scalise by a Sanders supporter, Sanders said, “Real change can only come about through nonviolent action. Anything else runs against our most deeply held American values.”

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