Yes, We're Voting For Hillary Clinton

The campaign for president and the state of the world are not intense enough, so we have our election coverage adapted and mangled by an insane media.

If you're watching and you don't have a panic attack, call your doctor.

There really is no choice but to endorse Hillary Clinton.

Here's a dark truth. It's probably not that dangerous to have either candidate be our next president.

I know it is not politically correct to say this, but we had a president who had Alzheimer's! How do you top that? The resulting disaster to America by Reagan's administration would take a career to discuss.

If you stick your fingers in your ears, turn away from the tube, and think about it -- go ahead, I'll wait -- Hillary Clinton is our next president.

Although Trump is narcissistically over-endowed and known to attract some sick desperados of hate, Trump himself is probably not a fraction as extreme or scary as he and the media make him out to be.

Which would basically make him a liar playing an extreme character. Who can say?

What I do say is that Trump plays matador to the public's insanity.

I also believe that idealism, in a liberal, fundamental form, has seriously charred the Clinton campaign.

We idealists have been swift in our judgment when she morally slips.

We have a blanket distrust of her psychologically, leading to dismissing her entirely.

We refuse to accept dirty politics, how candidates indeed only win with donors and money involved. We fault Hillary for playing the very game that politicians who succeed play.

We have a kind of naive still-waiting-for-John F. Kennedy-to-come-back dream of who the president should be. This is a sentimental baby boomer affliction, one that doesn't address how money and back-door deals won Kennedy the 1960 election.

Yet Kennedy turned out to be a man of imagination, enormous vision, and peace, and we can't find him today.

Our vision is blurred by dirty winds.

We're looking for the ghosts of honor.

Idealism can be paralyzing.

We ask a lot from our president. Or do we?

If Hillary is not honest in her actions, not genuine in her commitment and ability to work with us, this will be a devastating reckoning about America and our lives.

It is paradoxical that we need Hillary to exhibit and employ truthfulness, as this is what we fear she lacks.

Our need for truth in our president is large because we are forced to confront and endure the state of a world where truth is gone.

Changes in technology, security, journalism, the media, the economy, and society have gutted the old world over the last decade and a half.

Social truth has vanished as a standard American comfort.

We need the president to be an active placeholder against our extinction.

Will Hillary work to undo the global makings of a nuclear war?

Will she fight the forces of greed on our behalf?

Will she act to preserve and protect our health, freedom, prosperity, and privacy?

Will she lead a collaboration with the world to save our planet?

There's a lot riding on this election.

Hillary certainly has the intelligence, governing acumen, and ability to move us forward.

As a society, we are far stricter in our expectations of mothering while barely paying attention to fathering. We have different standards for the men who have campaigned to be president than we do for Hillary.

Hillary will break the glass ceiling for women because she is a woman, and that's a great thing.
Hers, like our own, is a stained glass ceiling.

Perfection is a kind of emotionally hysterical requirement, even for the President of the United States.

We need Hillary to live up to her best for us.

We will step in and speak out. We will be engaged with her presidency.

We will applaud her when she "done us good".

As we await the historic November election, on the eve of this first debate, I'm standing with Hillary Clinton and giving her an honest chance to stand with me.