Yes, You Can Make Uggs Cute: Come See 3 Outfits Rachel Zoe Styled Just for Us

Yes, You Can Make Uggs Cute: Come See 3 Outfits Rachel Zoe Styled Just for Us
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By Leah Melby, Glamour

In the great shoe landscape, Uggs have a somewhat complicated history. They're blissfully comfortable, but often regarded as kick-around options most appropriate for lounging at home which is, you know, kind of a bummer when you remember how deliciously comfortable they are to wear. We got a chance to sit down with Rachel Zoe earlier this season and listen to her outfit-making tips for making the cozy boots chic.

"When I first fell in love with a pair of Uggs it was on a classic California girl who grew up in Malibu," she told us. "That was 20 years ago, and she had on cutoffs, a turtleneck, and no makeup." In the ensuing years the stylist has nursed a serious relationship with the brand, both in collecting a serious stash at home for her and Rodger, but also professionally (she styled the brand's latest look book).

"It's really more about your outfit, not the shoes. Keep it to classic pieces we all have," she instructed, bending down to fuss with a model's pant leg. Zoe might be a world-famous stylist with a media empire, but she's not above getting close to the floor to work.

Outfit 1: Wearing Uggs with a dress or skirt


Zoe professed an affinity for "rich, winter whites and chestnut" in the chillier months, a combo that lends itself to being finished with a warm brown pair of boots. To wear Uggs with bare legs, keep the height low. By rising just over the ankle bone, not mid-calf like the traditional silhouette, the look has more in common with your favorite pair of ankle boots than winter warriors. This short style also has a tiny lift via a 1.5" hidden platform, a boon for women who love their heels.

Outfit 2: Wearing Uggs with jeans


Skip the boyfriend jeans in this situation--the sleeker silhouette of skinnies keeps the boots looking more polished. "Balance them with what you're wearing," she instructed, ensuring the look felt ready for dinner, not an errand trek, by picking a silky blouse and sleek, tailored jacket. We love a good hoodie moment as much as the next girl, but the comfy kicks need more polished pieces to feel elevated.

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Outfit 3: Wearing Uggs with leggings


Surprise! The new generation of Uggs can actually feel way different than the first time you met the brand. With laces and a shearling-lined tongue, the Bethany has DNA in common with work boots and sneakers (proving that every brand is being affected by athleisure), and the trendy shape is a perfect fit for of-the-moment styles like the leggings and shrunken military jacket Zoe picked. Notice the irregular tie job too? She told us it was an experiment she tried on the spur of the moment and liked enough to keep. Copy by skipping the top hole, pulling the laces tight to the back, and tying behind your ankle.

Unless you work in an uber-corporate work environment, Zoe also says the shoes can be a do at the office. Incorporate them into your outfit as you would a pair of ankle boots, but be sure they're in good shape (no salt stains from snowstorms of seasons' past). "I recommend rolling the boots down to start. That way it's like a shearling ankle boot."

All the boots Zoe used here are from Ugg's new Classic Slim collection; browse and shop here.

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