'How Not To Make Love To A Fat Girl'

"Our bodies... hungry tongues and heavy breathing... baby, please... do not rub my belly."

So implores Yesika Salgado in her slam poem "How Not To Make Love To A Fat Girl," posted to Button Poetry in September. Potential lovers of women with a little extra, take heed.

Rubbing a woman's belly "like a genie lamp for 15 minutes" does not satisfying foreplay make, Salgado says, recalling decidedly unsexy thoughts of "Buddha and Winnie the Pooh." And while you "probably want to show me how you appreciate the whole of me," she continues "that could be done in any other way, hell, be creative."

Beyond tactical mistakes, Salgado explores larger women's suspicions that their lovers fetishize fat girls and disrespect their bodies: "As if it were too much to ask that they find the whole of me desirable."

Replace "larger" with any other adjective and Salgado's words are relatable to so many woman. "I am larger than most women. Sometimes I care about this more than who I am sleeping with does," she says.

Moreover, just because larger women may not delight in every sexual invitation ('"big girls are my thing' is supposed to make me jump out of my panties?"), it does not mean she feels bad about herself. Watch the entire poem above.



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