YikeBike: Foldable Bicycle Runs On Electric Power (VIDEO)

The Future Of Transportation?

The YikeBike was given its name because, according to the creator, people react to this new mode of transportation by exclaiming, "Yikes!"

The YikeBike is an electric, foldable bike that resembles a Segway mashed into a unicycle. According to a CNN report, the bike weighs 20 pounds, travels at 14 mph, lasts six miles on one charge, and fits into the trunk of a car.

Grant Ryan, the creator, was inspired by the Segway, although the YikeBike is faster and cheaper. The $3600 price tag is still prohibitively expensive for most people, though. Time Magazine ranked it one of 2009's top inventions, and now it is available to the public.

The YikeBike runs on electricity and is generally considered more eco-friendly than most cars, but a bike that runs on human pedaling is presumably still better for the environment and human health. That said, an unusual study suggests that compared to regular bicyclists, electric bike users may have a lower environmental impact because regular cyclists consume more food, which increases their energy consumption. Of course, cyclists require more food for exercising, which tends to be considered a good thing, but the YikeBike still references this argument.

Like the YikeBike or not, it's certainly "yikes"-worthy.

WATCH the YikeBike in action.

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