Israeli And Palestinian Teens Sing About 'Home' Together

Israeli And Palestinian Teens Sing About 'Home' Together

The Palestinian and Israeli members of the YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus both call the ancient city of Jerusalem their home.

Despite the decades of conflict that divide their communities, the teen singers are forming strong bonds and actively working toward a more peaceful future.

In the newly-released music video “Home,” the singers’ voices blend together, covering Phillip Phillips’ hit song in Arabic, Hebrew, and English.

YouTube star Sam Tsui added his vocals to the song.

"This home is our father's home...and welcome, our beloved ones, welcome to it,” a Palestinian youth sings in Arabic.

"Because in my home, in the garden...mine, yours...we together will have a unique bond,” a voice in Hebrew responds.

Music director Micah Hendler formed the group in 2012. The choir is evenly split between Arab and Jewish musicians. The hope that with enough exposure to each others' stories, these high schoolers will grow up to become peacemakers within their communities.

“By creating a microcosm of the kind of society we want to see and the kind of city we want to live in, we hope to remind others of what potential the city holds if we treat each other with respect, dignity, and love -- if we create a place of equality and openness, where all can have a home,” YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus said in a statement.

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