Crooked Cop Swiped Dead Man's Credit Card To Buy Diamond Ring: Prosecutors

Diamonds are forever. Identity theft? That's three to seven years in prison.

An NYPD officer is in trouble with the law after investigators said she used a dead man's credit card to buy a $3,200 diamond ring online last July.

Ymmacula Pierre, a three-year veteran of the force, on Tuesday pleaded not guilty to charges of criminal possession of stolen property, identity theft and official misconduct charges, according to NBC New York.

Prosecutors said the disgraced officer was on duty when she was called to an East 14th Street apartment to perform a wellness check on Ken Sanden last July. Sanden, a 65-year-old architect, hadn't shown up to work. Pierre arrived to find him dead.

According to the New York Daily News:

[Pierre] used his Samsung Galaxy phone to contact his niece, and vouchered some of his property, including his Mastercard, prosecutors said. She also allegedly jotted down Sanden’s credit card and email information for herself.

Records show the card was used to purchase a $3,200 diamond ring from Zales two days later.

Pierre was arrested Tuesday following a monthslong investigation.

Under New York law, basic identify theft is a misdemeanor. The charges get more serious as the amount of money lost in the crime increases. First-degree identity theft, the most serious degree, occurs when the total amount spent, credit used, or financial loss caused by the theft exceeds $2,000. It's punishable by three to seven years in prison, plus a fine that can be be up to double the defendant's gain from commission of the theft, or $5,000, whichever is greater.



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