Yo Sirota, Back Off

OK, enough is enough. Your latest post going after Rahm Emanuel is over the top, and no one who knows me can accuse me of being a Clintonite.

Dude, you know I am a fan and I love your work...but as a self-appointed progressive hall monitor in this post-Democratic tribal world -- a world which operates more like Afghanistan with warlords than an organized party -- I am sorry but I have to issue you a small citation for driving a bit outside your lane. This is a minor infraction, I should note, compared to the major tsk-tsk I recently issued for New Dem Simon Rosenberg for cozying up to Comcast while touting himself as Mr. Blogosphere.

So go ahead and go about your business -- but remember these tiny warnings:

We've got too much to do for you to be wasting tons and tons of time smacking around Beltway folk who essentially are bringing up the rear of the vanguard that you define and represent.

So please stop being so surprised and frustrated when there are Congressional weenies and spineless Democrats. They are out there.

Stop assuming that there can be a unified Democratic Party when we don’t have a nominee. We won't until we do and even then I'm still betting we won't have a messiah. Hopefully though we will have a better message.

So be a little happy that the Democrats finally (!!) have come to a minor realization, Rahm and James Carville included, that they actually need to have a positive message. This is a big step, no fooling.

Please keep up your great writing and research challenging liberals-progressives-Democrats-"whatever you want to call them" to stand tall for actual policies that promote starting gate equality, fundamental fairness and enforceable standards. I'm there.

Make sure that any Democratic Contract with America that Rahm and the DCCC issue for 2006 isn’t just BS but worthy and serious policy.

Crank away at growing better state legislative candidates and building a progressive farm team of tomorrow through your wonderful PLAN project because this is the stuff that truly matters in the long run if we want a weenie-less Democratic party.

Give me your take on how we can address the 3 major challenges post-Katrina that I see facing progressives. Because I think there are some thornier challenges here below the surface than how we'll come together on fixing the war mess.

Oh, and have a nice day.