Yoga and Longevity at Esalen

Yoga and Longevity at Esalen
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It is well-established that yoga contributes to a healthier, longer life. Moving our bodies through specific sequences of poses reduces stress, improves circulation, improves flexibility and strength, and leads to an overall sense of well-being.

Doctor Larry Payne is the leading pioneer of yoga therapy in America. Doctor David Allen is a graduate of UCLA Medical School as well as certified in acupuncture and homeopathy. Both are leading experts in longevity. This November 11-13th Doctors Payne and Allen are teaching Yoga and Longevity at my favorite place on earth, the Esalen Institute.

I spoke with Larry and here's what he had to say about teaching at Esalen:

And here's what Larry had to say about teaching Yoga and Longevity with David Allen:

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