Yoga In Times Square (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Zen In Times Square

Thousands flocked to Times Square Monday to commemorate the first day of summer. Their way of celebrating? Downward dog.

"Yoga in Times Square" was first organized eight years ago, with a mere two participants. It's grown significantly since, with 5,000 people pre-registering from 31 countries this year.


Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, credits the chaos of Time Square for the high turn-out.

"I think it resonates with people, because what they're trying to do is have a little bit of peace of mind not on a mountain top, not in the middle of even Central Park, which is a beautiful, soothing environment, but in the middle of a place that really represents sort of all the intensity and excitement, but also the stress of daily urban life, which is Times Square."

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