How To Do Yoga, According To Models On Instagram (PHOTOS)

Most models have to work out to maintain the bodies their employers have come to expect. But miraculously, many of them use the same form of exercise we mere mortals do: yoga.

Of course, there's normal people yoga (the kind we do, which involves H&M leggings, lugging a yoga mat on the subway and sweating profusely) and model yoga. Herewith, a guide to yoga according to your favorite models' Instagrams. Because no model's social media feed is complete without some bendy selfies...

No need to let the difficulty of the pose ruin your serene face.

No time for class? Just do it yourself on the terrace sans instructor.

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Doing yoga and watching your children at the same time? No problem.

When you ace a handstand, make sure there's someone there to capture it on camera.

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Bridge pose is the best pose.

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You can attain total serenity basically anywhere.

But yoga is best done outside in dappled sunlight.

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