The Yoga Move That Instantly Boosts Your Confidence (VIDEO)

The Yoga Move That Instantly Boosts Your Confidence

The long-term effects of doing yoga are no secret -- it can relieve allergies, treat some medical conditions and help you find peace, to name a few -- but did you know that you can also benefit from this powerful practice in a few short minutes?

Yoga trainer and teacher Alexandria Crow stopped by the web series #OWNSHOW to demonstrate some of her favorite yoga moves, including one particular position that leaves you feeling empowered and more confident.

"Your posture says a lot about who you are. Standing up tall and having an open posture is something that gives you the feeling of being the boss -- it also makes people think that you're the boss," Crow says in the above video. "This pose is here to strengthen your upper back and the backs of your arms so that you can stand up tall, stand up with confidence and feel really good about yourself."

First, Crow says to lie face down on your mat with your feet at hip distance (or wider, if you're prone to lower back issues). Keep your toes down, your knees straight and your tailbone pulled toward the ground.

alexandria crow yoga move to boost confidence

The next part, she admits, feels a little silly.

"Nose to the mat, interlace your hands behind your head. Lift your elbows up so that they're in line with your ears," Crow instructs. "Toes pushing again, tailbone down, inhale [and] arch your upper back -- just a little bit of work there -- [then] exhale, lower down."

alexandria crow yoga move to boost confidence

Do five reps, she says, and hold the last one for a full ten seconds before lowering. Be sure to use your upper back as opposed to your rear end throughout this exercise. Even though it's not easy, it's well worth doing.

"It's not even easy for me and I do it all the time... So give yourself time to strengthen that part," Crow says. "I would suggest you do it at least a couple of times, a couple of sets of that, I would say every day... just to give yourself that chance to build the part of your upper back strength that you need so much to stand up tall and to really own the room when you walk in."

Looking for an all-over yoga move? This single position strengthens the entire body.

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Sun Salutation Step 1
A simple and opening sequence that helps to awaken muscle groups and joints while also stretching out the front and back lines of the body.
Sun Salutation Step 2
It can be practiced anytime during the day, but mornings are ideal.
Sun Salutation Step 3
This move helps circulate blood and lymphatic fluids to help you focus and start your day.
Sun Salutation Step 4
Repeat 3 to 7 times.
Pranayama (Breath Work) Step 1
Stand with feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and keep your arms at your sides. Loosen the fingers and hands.
Pranayama (Breath Work) Step 2
Inhale deeply and quickly through the nose and swing your arms up towards the ceiling. Exhale quickly and deeply through the mouth and swing your arms down.
Pranayama (Breath Work) Step 3
This breathing sequence will stimulate circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid in your body. It will improve your focus and clarity, while the breathing will leave you feeling elated and uplifted.
Pranayama (Breath Work) Step 4
Find a natural rhythm, and repeat approximately 30 times.
Legs Up The Wall
Lie against a wall and extend your legs up toward the ceiling. Support the back of the head and neck if necessary. If you don't have a traditional yoga blanket you can use a towel, even your jacket or a sweater.
Hold this position for two minutes and practice controlled inhalations and exhalations.
This posture will reverse the flow of blood away from the lower body and will stimulate circulation around the internal organs, face and brain. You will feel grounded and calm.