13 Yoga Pet Peeves That Totally Wreck Your Zen

Yoga is supposed to still the mind so that you can focus your attention inward and achieve that liberating "zen" you crave.

But how are you supposed to do that when some shirtless dude is grunting and flicking drops of sweat in your direction? Herewith, the 13 things that drive us crazy during yoga and, like, totally ruin our ability to achieve enlightenment.

1. Putting your mat unnecessarily close to someone else's.
The same rules for men's urinals apply to yoga mats -- if there's room to space yourself out, you're morally obligated to.

2. "Practicing" before class with a complicated headstand or stretch.
No one likes showoffs.

3. Bringing your phone with you onto the mat.
Yoga is one of the last device-free "safe spaces" left in our hyper-connected world. Just the sight of a rogue iPhone staring at you out while you're doing downward dog, even if it's turned off, can ruin that feeling of unplugged zen.

4. Spreading out your towel, water bottle, jewelry and other (unnecessary) accessories into your space.
No one wants to worry about a stray bracelet or ring piercing their foot while stepping into warrior III pose.

5. Coming with your significant other and flaunting your oh-so-toned pair of bodies.
We get it, you're both super fit and super in love. Don't position yourselves at the front of class to make all the single, inflexible ladies feel bad about themselves.

6. Chatting loudly before class starts.
You came to yoga to zone everything out, not hear how Amanda's boyfriend is totally cheating on her or how excited Mike's parents are about the engagement. Leave the chit-chat outside the yoga studio.

7. Going shirtless and sweating... a lot.
Gross on gross on GROSS.

8. Showing off your fancy crane pose or handstand in a beginner's class.
If you're so damn good at yoga, get thee to an advanced class. Don't make everyone else feel inferior.

9. Deciding to "do your own thing" with poses that distract everyone else from following the teacher.
It's one thing to take a child's pose every so often. But flipping into revolved side angle when everyone's else is trying to balance in tree pose just isn't cool.

10. Wearing too-short shorts (we're looking at you, dudes).
We know you want to stay cool, but let's try to keep things PG-13.

11. Having your posture "corrected" by a teacher who lingers, breathes on you and generally doesn't understand the concept of personal space.
We appreciate the help and don't mind the occasional light touch ... but then it's time to let go.

12. Exhaling in a, er, sexual way.
Groaning louder doesn't make you better at yoga. It just doesn't.

13. Getting up and walking out early during savasana.
You had 55 minutes of perfect zen ... then that girl had to go ruin it with her creaky dash out the door.

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