These Yoga Poses Will Take You Through The Perfect Day

The evidence in support of yoga is mounting: Studies have suggested that it might suppress the body's stress response, improve mood and maybe even boost immunity. So, non-yogis, what are you waiting for?

We've crafted the perfect day of yoga, three two- to five-minute series that you can do virtually anywhere. These will take beginners and experienced yogis from morning (ahem, grouchy, snooze-button pushers) to bedtime (we're looking at you, insomniacs). Watch each of the three original series below to get your daily dose of yoga -- and don't forget to check out The Huffington Post on Vimeo. Namaste.

5 Yoga Poses To Put You In A Good Mood

5 Yoga Poses To Get You Through Your Midday Slump

5 Yoga Poses To Help You Fall Asleep

Video Produced by: Rebecca Adams and Amber Genuske
Video Shot and Edited by: Amber Genuske
Art Directed by: Noelle Campbell
Instructor: Nicole Lynne Hooley
Music: Summer Heart